Honduras is located in the center of Central America. Its territorial extension covers 112,482 squares Km.  It has 3 borders, the western linking with Guatemala, the southwest with El Salvador and the east with Nicaragua. To the North lies the Caribbean Sea and to the South the Pacific Ocean.

Spanish is the official language of Honduras. English is spoken in the Bay Islands and in most tourist areas of the country.

To enter Honduras you require a valid passport. Citizens of most western countries can stay 30 days in Honduras without a visa. Extensions are possible to a total stay of 90 days.

The Lempira is the official currency of Honduras. Major credit cards and traveler's checks are widely accepted and cash advances can be made with credit cards at most banks.

TACA, Continental, American, Delta,  all fly to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. From the San Pedro Sula airport Tela is only 1 hour away by road. If you are traveling by bus Hedman Alas offer direct first class bus service from Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba and Copan home of the famous Mayan Ruins of Copan to Tela.

Tela is well located close to the nearby attractions of La Ceiba such as Pico Bonito National Park, Rio Cangrejal, Cayos Cochinos and the Cuero y Salado Nature Reserve. San Pedro Sula and its history museum, handicrafts market and its many facilities are located nearby. Lago Yojoa, Los Narajos Archaeology Park and Pulhapanzak waterfall can all be visited in a day from Tela and Copan Ruinas is with in visiting distance also.  Tours could be arranged from the Maya-Vista hotel.